Fall in Order


not if,

but when you fail 

Fail forward. 

Keep going. 

Be willing to learn as much as you can. 

Read the book, ask the questions, go to the meetings with an open mind. 

If you’re going to commit to something, why not let it be yourself? 

Make your intentions transparent.

What are you building your life around? 

Write that out. 

Set intentions for the next THREE months.

Whether you’re ready or not we are preparing for a new year.

  • Emotional 

  • Financial

  • Spiritual 

  • Social 


Our lives must support and validate the message we communicate. 

Commit to actively giving, growing, and learning. 

Hard work & intentional steps.

What value can you possibly add to every day this week? 

“The most valuable gift you have to offer is you”

Fall is amongst us.

Let’s make sure we are falling and failing into fall, the correct way.

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